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Qualified Plan Administration
Since 2005, Sound Benefits Consulting has been the third party administrator for numerous 401(k), 403(b) and defined benefit plans across the nation. Our actual experience goes back to 1981, we have the experience to handle all the needs in an efficient and correct manner.

We provide:
Plan Design;
Plan Document Preparation;
Annual Non-discrimination Testing;
Employer Contribution Calculations;
Signature Ready Form 5500;
Handle Distribution Process.
We were one of the first to design cross-tested plans on the west coast (1989). A cross-tested plan is designed to give targeted employees a more generous contribution than non-targeted employees.
We also can design DB/DC combination plans.
And of course, we can handle "safe harbor" 401(k) plans, even plans with a "triple stacked" matching contribution design. 
If need be, we can also provide our clients with a complete administrative solution with a multiple employer plan. Where the plan sponsor, not the employer, takes on a majority of the fudiciary issues.


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