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Sound Benefits Consulting was founded in 2005 by Rick Anderson.  Our mission is simple: Help our clients achieve their financial peace of mind through comprehensive financial planning.

We want to build a long-term lasting relationship with you.  We first get to know who you are. How do you envision your future? Who are you both personally and financially.  We want sit with you and help you establish your goals.

We then provide you with unbiased guidance.  Building a plan, using the tools that are right for your unique situation.  We explain how this will help you reach your goals. (Maybe give you a couple different options.)

We make sure you understand  the plan.  How it works, why it works, etc.  We won't implement the plan until you fully understand it.

Implement plan. Because we combine the "safe" money world with the "managed risk" world, we can help you implement your plan.

Monitor.  You may now have a plan, but it isn't written in stone. Life happens, the economic situation evolve. We continue to monitor and communicate with you to help you stay on track so you can achieve a "peace of mind" future.


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