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401(k) Maneuver Plan

Looking for an affordable 401(k) Plan?

A plan that minimizes administrative duties and reduces employer liability?

The 401(k) Manuever PEP Plan could be the answer!!

The SECURE Act, signed into law in 2020, created a new type of 401(k) plan.

It is a Pooled Employer Plan, that is a retirement plan maintained by two or more unrelated employers.  This gives the plan an "economy of scale" that could significantly reduce plan expenses. ( If your plan has over 100 account balances, it may eliminate the need for an Independent Audit (cost). On average a $15,000 savings!!!) 

It reduces administrative burden of the employer.  The only reposibilities of the employer are:

  • Provide Plan Information

  • Make Contribution Deposits

  • Monitor Fiduciary Service Providers

  • Purchase a Fidelity Bond​

It reduces employer liability by providing investment selection, monitors all funds, makes fund changes, provides proper employee eductaion and communication.

Plus, for no additional fee to the employer (a small fee to the participant), can provide individual investment management of a participant's 401(k) account.  

Let's start a conversation to learn more if this could help you!!! Schedule a 15 minute chat by going to the contact page and requesting a time.

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